Diego San, an expressive infant robot, has been born thanks to the University of California San Diego’s Machine Perception Lab. The robot was designed as a research platform for studying the cognitive development of infants. This will involve UCSD’s work with natural communication, such as reading and mimicking facial expressions, which is why the robot has such a realistic face.

“Its main goal is to try and understand the development of sensory motor intelligence from a computational point of view,” explains Dr. Javier Movellan, who heads the UCSD Machine Perception Lab. “It brings together researchers in developmental psychology, machine learning, neuroscience, computer vision and robotics. Basically we are trying to understand the computational problems that a baby’s brain faces when learning to move its own body and use it to interact with the physical and social worlds.”

Watch the video:

Source: http://singularityhub.com/

Video Source: UCSD Machine Perception Lab via David Hanson

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  • FET project

  • EC funded

  • Under FP7

  • Project details

    Project number: 258749
    Call (part) identifier: FP7-ICT-2009-5
    Project Start Date: 1st September 2010
    Project Duration: 48 month

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