Kinect 2

A new video by Gizmodo shot at Microsoft’s Redmond campus shows how sensitive it’s the new Kinect 2. What is also very cool, it’s the kind of user data that the Kinect 2 is capable of collecting as soon as the user stands in front of it. It estimates heart rate in real time trough the camera sensor for exercise scenarios, and detects expression (happy, not happy) and engagement (looking at the screen, vs not looking at the screen). Watch the VIDEO.

The use of physiological signals to quantify an emotional state while people are playing the game and (adjust the user experience accordingly) is recently becoming more and more popular. Valve has recently carried out an experiment in which players’ sweat was measured and correlated to their level of arousal while playing. According to GAMESBEAT,

“It then fed that data into Left4Dead and tried to modify the play experience so it was more fun. Valve also ran an experiment in which the player had four minutes to shoot 100 enemies. If they were calm, the game would progress normally. If they got aroused or nervous, the game would move more quickly, and they would have less time to shoot the enemies”.

The experiment was conducted by Valve’s in-house experimental psychologist, Mike Ambinder (picture below – source GAMESBEAT).

For more information about Valve sweat detection and eye tracking for games, please click HERE.


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