Making machine more socially aware

At the Microsoft Research headquarters in Redmond, researchers are investigating how to give artificial intelligence the ability to discern social cues and respond accordingly. 

As part of the Situated Interaction project, Eric Horvitz, managing director of Microsoft Research Redmond, and his colleague Dan Bohus aims to make interactions with computers more natural by incorporating an awareness of time and space. “We’re addressing core challenges in artificial intelligence,” Horvitz says. “The goal is to build systems that can coordinate and collaborate with people in a fluid, natural manner.”

Innovations includes an elevator with no buttons that automatically opens when someone needs a ride; a robot that senses interest in getting assistance and give directions; and an secretary onscreen avatar that decide whether you can see the person you are looking for based on his current desktop activity, calendar, and past behavior. 

Click on the image below to watch the video presenting the Situated Interaction project.

Elevating human-computer interaction to a new level of sophistication

Source: Microsoft research


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  • FET project

  • EC funded

  • Under FP7

  • Project details

    Project number: 258749
    Call (part) identifier: FP7-ICT-2009-5
    Project Start Date: 1st September 2010
    Project Duration: 48 month

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