Making machine more socially aware

At the Microsoft Research headquarters in Redmond, researchers are investigating how to give artificial intelligence the ability to discern social cues and respond accordingly.  As part of the Situated Interaction project, Eric Horvitz, managing director of Microsoft Research Redmond, and his colleague Dan Bohus aims to make interactions with computers more natural by incorporating an awareness of time and space. “We’re addressing core challenges in artificial intelligence,” … Continue reading

CEEDs @ LAVAL VIRTUAL 2014 – in pictures

Last week CEEDs was in France at Laval Virtual 2014, where its neuroscience application called Brainx3 (embodied exploration of neural data) was showcased to hundreds of visitors by the SPECS laboratory  team. It was a huge success, and CEEDs have had lots of great feedback from those who had the opportunity to have a closer look at the CEED innovative system … Continue reading

Xbox 360 controllers measure the player’s emotions and alter the gameplay to make it more engaging

Gregory Kovacs, professor of electrical engineering at Stanford, in collaboration with Texas Instruments, have modified an Xbox 360 controller to monitor a player’s physiological signals such as heart rate, respiration rate, temperature and perspiration to help determine when the player becomes bored. “By measuring those outputs, we can understand what’s happening in the brain almost instantaneously,” Corey … Continue reading

As posted last week, CEEDs will be showcased at the 16th International Conferences and Exhibition of Virtual Technologies and Uses, which will take place from 9-13th April in Laval, France. We now have an official page on the exhibitor section: BrainX3, the CEEDs application that will be showcased, will allows visitors to navigate through a 3D human brain … Continue reading

CEEDs on, an independent non-profit media agency promoting the leading-edge European innovation via TV media and the web, has published an interview about CEEDs with CEEDs Project Coordinator Jonathan Freeman. Read the full interview at  

CEEDs at Laval Virtual, 9-13 April 2014

Three papers and one poster – all CEEDs supported and all with talks – will be presented at the 16th International Conferences and Exhibition of Virtual Technologies and Uses, which will take place from 9-13th April in Laval, France. The Scientific Programme is available at CEEDs will also showcase “Brainx3 : Embodied exploration of neural data“,  a demonstration … Continue reading

CEEDs Technical Review Meeting, Barcelona 28th Feb 2014

Here is a pic we took last week in Barcelona at the end of the CEEDs Technical Review Meeting.

CEEDs on euronews!

A new report (+ video) on CEEDs developed by euronews is now available at:      

Web Signage: a ‘smart’ digital signage platform

Web Signage is a web-based application developed by the Italian software house Edisonweb that allows for the creation, management and delivery of multimedia content to remote audio/video devices and mobile appliances, for both promotional and informational purposes.  Web Signage can provide different solutions, among which the collection and the visualisation of information on type, age, and reactions … Continue reading

Immersion: a pulse-reading headset that train video gamers to handle stress better

Immersion is a Bluetooth wearable that uses an optical pulse sensor built into the earpiece to record the user’s heart rate and read minute color changes in the user’s ear tissue to approximate a pulse. The game environment and characters adapt to the input received from the pulse sensor, so for example if the user’s heart … Continue reading

  • FET project

  • EC funded

  • Under FP7

  • Project details

    Project number: 258749
    Call (part) identifier: FP7-ICT-2009-5
    Project Start Date: 1st September 2010
    Project Duration: 48 month